Monday, May 30, 2011

Interview to the singer Monica Sanz

The singer Monica Sanz was invited to a "MagaBusiness" show in Spain, last April 20, 2011.

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La cantante Monica Sanz entrevistada en Magabusiness.

La cantante Monica Sanz fue entrevistada en el programa "MagaBusiness" el pasado día 20 de abril de 2011.

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Monica Sanz en Madrid

Las warriors que pudieron conocer a Monica Sanz durante su estancia en Madrid han querido enviar más fotos del momento. // The warriors that met Monica Sanz during her visit to Madrid sent to us more pics from that moment!

Puedes verlas más grandes en la galería del club // You can see them bigger in our fanclub's gallery.

Monica Sanz and Michael Jackson!

Miki Weasley Croft is an artist and a fan of Monica Sanz who has made this drawning of Monica Sanz with Michael Jackson!
Thank you Miki!

Miss Monica Sanz is coming next!

Monica Sanz: best live singer!

According 20 minutos newspaper, singer Monica Sanz wins the contest of best live singer. In second place, Katy Perry is following her and the singer Lady Gaga is on third.

Rock the vote here:

Monica Sanz es la mejor cantante en directo!

De acuerdo con una encuesta realizada en 20 minutos, la cantante Monica Sanz es la mejor cantante en directo. En segundo puesto queda Katy Perry y en tercer lugar, la cantante Lady Gaga.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

La cantante Monica Sanz, de nuevo número 1 en la radio!

La cantante Monica Sanz, otra vez Nº1 en la radio:

La web de la cantante Monica Sanz, colapsada!

De nuevo, la web de la cantante Monica Sanz ha sufrido un colapso. No se puede ver la galería. Hasta que lo arreglen, que avisaremos cuando lo veamos, no dejéis de visitar la web Monica Sanz Official Fan Club, que es del club de fans oficial de la cantante:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: I’m booked!

Monica Sanz have just received our birthday present and she wrote a blog to talk about it!:
Arriving home and seeing a surprise waiting for me is always a nice “Welcome”.
Specially this days I’m thanking God all the time for having my warriors with me in the fight. I’m having my own “Spanish revolution”, and next weeks are definitive for me, so thank you so much for this present!
Yesterday night I found a really special and lovely book on my bed I really enjoyed. I can’t believe lots of things I read but it was so much fun! I needed it!
It’s incredible you’re living my life that way, and I love you’re living the dream so near to me. Believe me, lots of times in my life I think “I wish all the warriors could be here with me in this moment”, so it’s nice knowing you definitely are.
I just feel ridiculous when I see myself alone not knowing you’re taking a picture, but I don’t really care. I understand you laugh at me then!
I have to admit that I was curious about what you think when you have news or any info (not always real as I can see) about me and I’ve learnt there are things I definitely don’t wanna know! Haha.
I have taken my book in my bag for next days, I’m gonna need your strength.
I know it seems I’m disappeared but I’m not, I’m just missing you, warriors. I love you as always or even more. Thanks for your love, support and presents ;)

Lady Gaga vs Monica Sanz: Batalla entre cantantes.

Parece ser que a Lady Gaga le gusta el estilo de Monica Sanz. La cantante americana incluyó en su vídeo "Telephone" un estilismo casi idéntico al que la cantante española lució en un reportaje para una revista japonesa allá en 2007, según demuestra una fuente en Facebook. Monica Sanz se incluye así, entre las artistas imitadas por Gaga. Toda una batalla entre cantantes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Which one is your favourite single of the singer Monica Sanz?

¿Cuál es tu single favorito de la cantante Monica Sanz?

Stupid Groupie sigue número 1!

Stupid Groupie sigue siendo número 1 en la radio. La cantante Monica Sanz mantiene el puesto desde hace ya meses.

Visitad Monica Sanz Olympus!

Monica Sanz en concierto!

La cantante Monica Sanz actúa esta noche en Las Vegas!!!

Singer Monica Sanz was Born this way!

Singer Monica Sanz during her rehearsals for "Born this way".

Singer Monica Sanz in Japan

Here is a video of the singer Monica Sanz in Japan (2010) the day before performing in Lexington Queen.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook censura una foto de la cantante Monica Sanz por ser demasiado sexy!

Os dejamos un enlace a la página de protesta de facebook, ya que la red social, ha censurado una foto de la cantante Monica Sanz por ser demasiado sexy, qué os parece?

A la publicación de esta entrada, Facebook ya había censurado otras tres fotos más de la cantante.

Arriba Monica Sanz!

Singer Monica Sanz, live in concert

Singer Monica Sanz will perform tomorrow at Caesar Las Vegas Casino at 22:00h (Nevada)

La cantante Monica Sanz, en concierto.

La cantante Monica Sanz actuará mañana en el Caesar Las Vegas Casino a las 22:00h (hora Nevada)

Monica Sanz is the Warriors Queen!

Monica Sanz is the real Warriors Queen!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singer Monica Sanz will be at Japanish awards?

The singer, Monica Sanz, will be invited at next MTV VMAJ on June, 25th where other artists like Lady Gaga will be too. But some rumors say that Monica Sanz will not be there because the date is the same day of the death anniversary of Michael Jackson, an idol confessed by the singer.

La cantante Monica Sanz, invitada en Japón.

La cantante Monica Sanz, invitada a los premios MTV de la música que se celebrarán el próximo 25 de Junio en Japón. A pesar de que se insiste en su presencia, entre otras estrellas como Lady Gaga, hay quien dice que Monica Sanz no asistirá, debido al aniversario del fallecimiento de Michael Jackson, ídolo confeso de la cantante.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Singer Monica Sanz in South Africa

Do you remember when she went to South Africa during the world cup?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monica Sanz singing opera!!!

Monica Sanz, a true singer! Monica Sanz singing opera!

Monica Sanz is the best singer!

Monica Sanz has won a contest and now she is the best spanish singer.
Check it out and rock the vote

Monica Sanz es elegida mejor cantante!

Como se ha decidido en una lista elaborada en 20 minutos, Monica Sanz es la mejor cantante española.

Compruébalo y vota por tu cantante favorita:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New picture of the singer, Monica Sanz live in concert

New picture of the singer, Monica Sanz live in concert

Nueva foto de la cantante Monica Sanz en concierto

La cantante Monica Sanz durante su concierto en Madrid

Monica Sanz & Monica Sanz Groupies

Monica Sanz Groupies already have their new desing with exclusive photoshoot! Enjoy the amazing pictures only in Monica Sanz Groupies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monica Sanz & Monica Sanz Superstar

Monica Sanz Superstar already have their new desing with exclusive pictures! Enjoy it, only in Monica Sanz Superstar.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monica Sanz live in concert!

Singer Monica Sanz will perform live again, this time in Las Vegas, next May, 24th.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monica Sanz - Irresistible new cover!

New cover for Irresistible! Check the new irresistible picture in! So sexy!
What will tell our friends of Facebook now?

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Monica Sanz's notes: The bitch is back!

Dear Mark Zuckenberg and friends:

You bore me, but it’s ok. After watching your second message (the second message, on the second time, for the second picture) to my management where you say:

“If you choose not to remove this content, please keep in mind that Facebook will take action on the content and your account”

I just can say that, not my management, not my webmaster team, not my network team and of course not me are going to remove or change anything! Do what you want because I don't give a f***!

It’s not my fault if my pictures mean sex for you, I’m sorry, but you have seen nothing yet!

Oops! You and everybody can see the full bitch photoshoot, bigger and better on . Like this (Sorry for the disappointment, for those who don't think this is sex):

I gotta go now. Enjoy it! ;)



Monica Sanz "Forever King of Pop" 05.04.2010 (Madrid)

New picture of Monica Sanz in "Forever King of Pop" (Madrid)! Thanks to Carol for share it with us in the official forum!

Source: All Monica Sanz

Vote Monica Sanz on "20 minutos"

You can vote for Monica Sanz for "The best Spanish singer" in the list of "20 Minutos"!

Vote here.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monica Sanz: Radio Jove Alcoy 07.05.2011

Vote for Monica Sanz on: Radio Jove Alcoy

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She is Monica Sanz exclusive Photoshoot!!!

Ya tenemos disponibles nuevas fotos exclusivas de She is Monica Sanz!! Disfrutádlas!!


We have available new exclusive photos of She is Monica Sanz!! Enjoy it!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monica Sanz &

Monica Sanz Fans has already her new pics for making a totally new design!

Stay tuned to the site for being the first to enjoy the new and spectacular photoshoot!

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Monica Sanz Management


Monica Sanz Fans ya tiene sus nuevas fotos para la creación de su diseño!

Estad atentos a la web para ser los primeros en disfrutar de la nueva y espectacular sesión de fotos!

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Monica Sanz Management


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monica Sanz Live @ Shoko (Madrid) Pictures

Algunas de las fotografías de la actuación de Monica Sanz en la sala Shoko Madrid, el pasado mes de abril. Subida al podium, en el suelo... Brillante!!!

Podéis ver un fragmento de esta actuacion en

A disfrutar!!!!


Some of the pictures of the acting of Monica Sanz in Shoko Madrid last month. At the podium, on the floor... Brilliant!!

You can see a clip of this performance in

Enjoy it!!